1) Login with your phone number, extension, and passcode at https://control.phone.com/login?role=voip

2) On the left menu click the + (plus sign) next to Greetings, then choose Add a Greeting (callout 1)

3) Enter the Nickname for your greeting (Please use the following naming convention- "Voicemail - Your Name"), leave the 2 options below set to No.

4) Select Record from Phone then click the Click to Record a Greeting button (callout 2)

5) In the From box enter your current phone number (like your cell phone), the system will call you

6) On your phone record your greeting, then press # to end recording and 1 to save the recording.

7) Click Close to close the recording box, then Click Save Greeting on the right.

8) Click Settings on the left menu

9) Scroll down to the voicemail section

10) Click the drop down next to Standard Greeting and locate your voicemail greeting.

11) Scroll to the bottom and click Save Changes


Callout 1

Callout 2